Tuesday, February 21, 2006

COOP... shows how to paint like him.

The one... the only... COOP shows you exactly how he makes this painting in his blog. Fascinating stuff. So now everyone can rip him off more accurately. Keep up the good work coop imposters there is only one original, and he doesnt mind giving away his secrets. Also... I really like the custom colt .45 he has pictured in his blog. Here is a link to that blog.


The midcentury illustrations of Boris Artzybasheff

Here are some of the anthropomorphic machines illustrations of Boris Artzybasheff from the 1950s, absolutely stunning work... the likes of which would be readily at home in current animation houses. Seriously imagine if a guy like this had access to Maya. It would be amazing.


This next link is a compendium of his work, there is a bunch of fantastic stuff on here, one that I like in particular is titled "Improved Design for Modern Man" and "Cybernetics". This guy did amazing work.


Here is some more of his work that is shared from the ASIFA, this set is based on mental disorders, it is called Neurotica. Enjoy.


John Kriscfalusi has a blog. (aka John K)

For those of you who dont know, John K is tthe creator of Ren & Stimpy. He has started his own blog. The man knows his stuff when it comes to cartoons and comics. His insights are quite welcome and entertaining. Check it out.


The impossible photography of Li Wei

These are the apparently impossible photographs by the Chinese artist Li Wei. They are apparently completely untouched by a computer. Definately worth taking a look.


Crazy Buildings

Here is a small collection of strange buildings. I have actually been to one of these buildings and indeed it was amazing... and crazy. (Wonderworks) Although the list is small the buildings are bizarre. Some dance, some are very warped, some move floors around, others... were just built upside down. One looks like a robot.


Chocolate roulette: box of chocolates

One of the peices of the delicious bullet shaped candies in this set comes "loaded" with a super hot chili pepper.

Seated in individual compartments, twelve chocolate bullets lay waiting to be bitten into. Although eleven of the sweet little slugs contain delicious praline centres, one conceals a seriously red hot chilli that's guaranteed to blow your head off - metaphorically, at least.

Wonderfully whimsical gift for your chocoholic or suicidal friend... either way, show them you care by causing them pain.


Wonderful collection of mugshots.

This is a wonderful collection of historical mugshots from the past, some funny, others sad... all of them arrested. This is seriously the most extensive collection of mugshots that I have seen on the net.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Can you turn you "grill" all the way up to "bling"?

Where else but Gold Teeth America can you get a gold image of pac-man eating pot leaves in gold to wear on your teeth. It is the ultimate in ghetto-chic. My favorite thing on the website was found in the FAQ:

"What if I have some missing teeth?"
No problem! We can still make them as if there were no missing teeth at all.

It just screams classy. Although I would totally wear model #1927 out on a job interview. Nothing says "hire me" like the word "HEAD" written in gold across your teeth. And with my big ol' teef... you could read that from space. I also cant say how amused that I am that they can make them "while you wait" and then pay them with western union. Enjoy.


Ebay scammer gets pranked.

The one the only ZUG.com self proclaimed "the world's only comedy site" has a thorough description of the stressful events that go along with shipping a box with a three ring binder with glued on keys and a drawn on screen across the ocean over to london. It always makes me laugh when scammers get screwed over. (this happened a while ago and I remember reading it then, it is still just as awesome. SoI felt like sharing.) I was really sad to see how eBay dealt with this situation... but the outcome is hilarious. Please, check this funny article out. My description does it no justice.